Leading Independent Presidential Contender Address Bush’s Speech on Iraq

November 30, 2005 – West Palm Beach, FL – With increasing opposition to the War in Iraq, today President George W. Bush issued a major policy address on our administration’s plan for Iraq. While he touched on several issues important to Iraq, one of 2008’s leading independent presidential contenders, Daniel “DJI” Imperato came out and further outlined his views and strategy for Iraq.

Below is a transcription of Imperato’s address.

“I would like the opportunity to thank the American people for their consideration for supporting my desire to lead our country for the people as ‘The People’s President’ should. I want to thank the international community, the media and press, for picking up my press releases and for sharing my position on many subjects including this one, Iraq. While I support our Commander in Chief, as we all should, since he is our president, I have strong comments pertaining to the press conference about Iraq and terrorism.

The first point is that I agree that a mission should not be withdrawn without a complete victory. The problem is what is victory? And how are we going to pay for it? Is victory based on killing every single radical terrorist until they stand down and stop their acts? If that’s the case, and that’s what we are calling victory, then I would like to see an oil-for-war program to pay for the cost of this war and to reimburse the American people and our country for the severe economic impact that we have endured. In addition I comment on the great subject of rebuilding Iraq.

As I have mentioned before, Iraq’s reconstruction will be implemented for a collaboration of international bidders and surely we hope that they will be American companies. I believe that this will be a tough ax to grind and believe that the Middle Eastern region will be taken over by Middle Eastern supporters for the infrastructure and reconstruction since they are more familiar with the land.

In addition who will refine the oil? Is it Saudi Arabia, so that Houston can setup the sales and distribution? Or is it a collaboration of Middle Eastern and European consortiums that will build new refineries and how long will that take? In addition I speak out to state the fact that our country and our people are suffering and that our own infrastructure needs to be developed and upgraded. America’s monies would better be spent building America’s infrastructure.

While I agree and support the elimination of terrorism and in my previous release [2008 Presidential Contender Speaks out about Murtha, Cheney, Clinton, and Colin Powell] I specifically laid out a plan of action that I believe needs to be executed and implemented as soon as possible. The biggest question that I have as your future President of the United States of America is once again is, what will I have to clean up after this long and costly process? And how far back are our own American citizens being setback?

I say my platform will be ‘Revive America’. And I say that our administration and our leadership should ask themselves a serious question and that question is, if our administration believes that they can eliminate terrorism in Iraq and they can do it in the next few years time, then why haven’t our administration and the past administrations been able to eliminate terrorism in the country of Israel? My question is that this part of the world with Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist fractions are much further ahead, more organized, and deeply rooted in the region. In my opinion, eliminating the terrorists in Iraq is only a small piece to the puzzle for peace in the Middle East.

I stand for a cease fire in Iraq. I stand for direct negotiations with the terrorist organizations in the region. I am for peace, not war. The terrorist organizations in the region of Israel, Syria, and Lebanon are far more equipped, more powerful, and a greater threat than we could even imagine.

Why hasn’t the United States of America, as a so-called ally of Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon combined forces to stomp out those terrorists groups who have been in business for many years and are still in business today? I am concerned to address to the American people that Iraq could unconditionally become another conflicted region pertaining to terrorism and if and when our troops completely come home I only can say that history repeats itself.

Even Saddam Hussein and his regime at one point were allies of our nation, but then became supporters of terrorism. I strongly suggest our administration to realize that the war on terrorism is a collective war, deeply rooted in the Middle Eastern region and the greatest way to stop the terrorists is to collectively combine the entire region, including Syria and Iran, to all agree to a cease fire. Then they should setup a collective Special Forces program to stomp out any and all terrorists groups and any and all supporters of terrorism.

In addition, the coalition of the Middle East led by the Arab league needs to setup a serious public relations campaign to reach out for the very people who are being persuaded, bribed, and bought to become terrorists. This press conference by our President George W. Bush is long overdue but the problem is he’s only addressing the situation at hand and not the actual plan of ending the loss of life for our troops and the stopping of the bleeding of the billions of dollars that are being spent of American taxpayers money to maybe, one day, wish hope and pray that the Iraqi government will be able to contain and control their own country.

I point out to say that I believe the confusion, animosity, and civil unrest in the Middle East will continue to grow, as it has in the past. After all, the problems exist around the citizens of the region and it has a lot to do with education and hatred amongst the very Arab nations themselves. I call on the Arab league to take a stronger role once again. And I call out on our president to come up with a plan of action and not just a speech. Thank you very much, and God Bless America.”

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