A Saudi Royal family member mandated Dr. Imperato, He was responsible for identifying global business opportunities with full authority and engagement power for HIS HIGHNESS.

He has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations and others, with a mix of product lines comprising telecommunications products, services, equipment including v-sat terminals and handheld mobile satellite telephones, passport and identification card services, and secure documents for foreign governments around the world. As well as transportation, fusion power, hydro and high-speed rail, waste, recycling, farming, electricity, cabling, automotive, bottling, branding, packaging, SEO, search engine and social media, Medical equipment, apparel, shoes, accessories, perfumes, leather goods, manufacturing, oil, and gas deep Water, shallow and relinquished wells, finance, and infrastructure,
roadways, bridges, buildings DIR processes, as well as insurance Wraps, completion, and surety bonding.

In addition, Mr. Imperato has extensive experience with E/marketing and technological applications adaptable for a full-service robust E-marketing platform.

Dr. Imperato has in-depth knowledge of the airline industry, leasing, terminal rights, and access involving airport development and duty-free shopping.

At a young age, Dr. Imperato was an auctioneer, appraiser, insurance salesman, and commodities broker.

Dr. Imperato sold automobiles and started his first business venture in Italy and Israel, manufacturing jewelry, watches, leather goods, and perfumes. Well, as was trained as an auctioneer and appraiser for the Boston redevelopment authority and HJ Gray liquidators and auctioneers.