Person, Awards & Honors

Daniel Imperato is an independent-minded constitutionalist and recipient of several awards and honors during his 40+ years of global exposure. His unique persona and experience generates an uncommon capability to forecast and can favorably lead individuals and organizations into the 21st century.

  • Knight of Malta Coptic Order, Grand Cross, Von Hapsburg, Austria
  • Papal Knight, Secretary of State, Vatican City
  • Knight & Friar Orden Bonaria, Madrid Spain
  • Grand prior, US Canada, Orden Bonaria, USA
  • Minister Common Treasury, Orden Bonaria
  • United Nations Representative Orden Bonaria, NYC
  • New York State Regional Police Chaplain NYC
  • Latin American Christian Association, NYC
  • African Center Foundation HIV/Aids. Board member, NYC, Lagos NIGERIA


  • Doctor of Foreign Affairs
  • Doctor of Humanities
  • Doctor of Inter-Religious Dialog
  • Anointed Dean by God Ministries University, NYC

Personal Achievements

  • Ex-Semi-Pro Ice Hockey Player
  • Martial Arts – Brown Belt
  • Endurance Fitness
  • Distance Walking
  • Natural Healing