Dr. Imperato was a Presidential Hopeful for the 2008 Presidential Election and the gubernatorial 2010 candidate of Florida.

He has considered the 2016 presidential race as well as a senatorial run.

Dr. Imperato’s political experience with running campaigns, strategies, compliances, and groundwork, as well as ballot access and strategic political thinking, is far beyond most. Political.

Dr. Imperato was the grand prorate of the USA and Canada, a Knight of the Order, and a Minister of Common Treasury and Foreign Affairs U.N. representative.

Dr. Imperato has been awarded honorary doctorates for his self-taught schooling as a Dr. of international affairs, inter-religious dialog, and humanities.

Daniel Imperato, in 2004 was named Chairman of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) Honorary Business Council, composed of top business people from around the country.

Dr. Imperato also received the NRCC Businessman of the Year Award and a Ronald Reagan Gold Medal.

Dr. Imperato has Politic lobbying experience in local, national, and foreign governments for policies, license requirements, or political politicians’ support.

Dr. Imperato is under consideration for the 2020 presidential run.