Dr. Imperato is a worldly diplomat achiever, a well-learned Global Businessman, an Independent Political Constitutionalist, and a professional speaker.

Dr. imperato has leadership advanced knowledge of artificial intelligent cyber security applications and solutions for global applications.

He is A prose litigator for humanity (amicus) and has worldwide expert experience, Humanitarian.

U.S. Presidential candidate in 2008.

Papal Knight.

Mr. Imperato knows and understands the world like the back of his hand.

He has trained with a specific set of particular skills that separate him from most others.

He is A Master negotiator, investigator as a special agent advisor, and doer.

He is fearless. No mission or challenge is too big.

Mr. Imperato is a Paraclete in society and humanities.

He is very street smart, a landsman, and learned from the strictest organizations.

Mr. Imperato has spent time in Rome, in the Vatican City office of the archbishop of the military and vicar of Rome.

He has direct hands-on experience and knowledge inside the Holy See and Italian politician and business affairs.

He worked in Israel and has a strong relationship with the strategic studies of the Arab league.

Mr. Imperato’s relations ships in Asia pacific and India are top-notch, as well as Africa and most of South America and Opus day, with the apostolic world and the nuncio Apostolic.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts (1958) to Italian and Lithuanian immigrants from the tomato packing business to railroad workers.

Dr. Imperato and His family were humble, conservative, and hard working with honor and integrity fathered military style.

Dr. Imperato earned his degree in diplomacy, foreign affairs, and international business from hands-on global experience with pain and glory.

Posts requested, senior advisor, consulate, or ambassador to country governments and its leaders or government organization such as the world bank, European union, united states government, and united nations.

He can advise the boards, CEOs s, and the management of companies from start to finish, local to worldwide, on almost every aspect of business with discernment coming from in-depth knowledge and experience.

I seek opportunities to utilize all skill sets and abilities at maximum capacity in business, religious and political affairs.

He is a Strategic thinker, strategist, and master negotiator for acquisitions or other agreements.

He has started businesses from the ground floor, brought them globally, and achieved an honorary doctorate and other awards.

Dr. Imperato is no novice dealing with very complex situations worldwide and has the tenacity and strength to deal with such wisdom.

He is also a visionary who has an uncanny discerned way and ability to identify the moving parts quickly and solution strategies at an extreme speed.

He designs precise analytical and strategic road maps to achieve the success desired and implement one business or array of companies or a political campaign.

Dr. Imperato brings over forty years of experience in global business planning and development and has personal relationships worldwide in business, religion, and politics.

His ability creates massive expansion programs, shareholder value, and the strategic political and governmental diplomacy needed when interacting with the world.

Dr. Imperato has initial linguist capability in several foreign languages and understands and has trained in body language and speech therapy. You are furthering advantages for global applications.

Dr. Imperato has spent his life understanding the people and personalities worldwide and their customs and cultures.

He has established a world-class of personal representatives around the world—feet on the street for representation, RFP’s, and political lobby.

His knowledge of the world and its ways is invaluable and will pay for itself often over short, cutting the global learning curve and access to the worldwide business world.

Dr. Imperato’s senior strategic thinking and advisory roles will pay for their self-increased revenues and market capitalizations.

Dr. Imperato’s diverse mastery of an array of worldwide knowledge with a vast and extensive experience with a cross-line of products and services makes him a precious asset to any organization or situation requiring expertise and skills second to none. With knowledge of working with NAU, Top, and Agenda 21.

Dr. Imperato’s achievements far surpass most. He is willing to use those skills and experiences for any proper situation where he can add value and contribute to the business, religious or political world.

He is an independent, politically mined person and a humanitarian at heart. His philosophy and training under biblical guidelines significantly added to his impeccable experiences concerning fairness, doctrines, and righteousness.

Dr. Imperato has abilities to identify, value, and roll up assets from soup to nuts. He has financial experience with insurance, Bonds, and Financing offerings for global capital markets. He is giving him incredible insights into the rules, regulations, responsibilities of running a global company, and reporting requirements.

Dr. Imperato has introduced wealthy nationals to rich and well-established foreigners worldwide.

His skills and Rolodex are second to none, and very few could compare with his experience worldwide.

Dr. Imperato’s worldwide relations reach from the people to the His Holiness, from the priest to the politicians, and presidents to the ambassadors, whether business, religious or political bar none.

Dr. Imperato’s world-class relations bring tremendous invaluable experience and abilities to catapult a company ready for the marketplace, with backgrounds in government certifications to agents worldwide.

Dr. Imperato built a worldwide presence for watch clock and jewelry manufacturing companies.

He was the owner in Brussels, Belgium, Basel Swiss, Vicenza, Italy, and Thailand.

Dr. Imperato founded one of the first direct marketing companies and home-based businesses.
Boston, Mass., Italy, Israel.

He has learned about Artificial intelligence cyber security solutions and internet marketing solutions.

Daniel Imperato, until the present, has been involved in building out platforms that are adaptable to today’s artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics, and cloud-based services and API’s Daniel Imperato has been on the ground floor of these new technologies’ APIs s, including compliance with GDPR and other regulatory issues such as anti-trust and unfair competition.

Daniel Imperato has a leadership knowledge of these new technological artificial intelligence capabilities for banking, farming, and most importantly, cyber security, including crypto, coins, and ledger, Including an advanced knowledge of applications surrounding all aspects of me/marketing services.

Daniel Imperato has 40 years of experience. His experience is in the area of infrastructure.

He has worked on cyber security and the construction of cyber security buildings.

He was a leader in fiber optic networks and intelligent cities integrated into the government’s protection.

He is versed in the military applications encryption grade codes. He has dealt with military suppliers for aircraft ships etc.

He knows about radar surveillance and overall fiber optic cloud-based, secure, end-to-end platforms.

Daniel Imperato s leadership in this area is not easily matched. His unique hands-on experience and knowledge of these issue s on a global basis lends itself to licensing and partnering as well as bidding on projects worldwide in both government and private sectors.

Including adaptation of projects to guidelines for world bank funding, development bank funding, and good sovereign funding.