Papal Knight Vatican City State, secretary Of state

Knight of Malta Coptic order, Grand Cross, Von Hapsburg, Austria, and Alexandria Egypt

Knight and Friar Orden Bonaria, Madrid Spain

Grand prior, US Canada, Orden Bonaria, USA

Minister common treasury, Orden Bonaria

United Nations representative Orden Bonaria, NYC

Latin American Christian Association, NYC

African center foundation Hiv/aids. Board member, NYC, Lagos NIGERIA

New York State regional police chaplain NYC

Licensed real estate salesperson

The former licensed mortgage banker


Dean of Anointed by God Ministries University, NYC

Doctor of Foreign Affairs

Doctor of Humanities

Doctor of Inter-religious dialog

Personal life

Ex-semi-pro ice hockey player

Martial arts, a competitor in the brown belt division

Endurance fitness distance walking

Natural healing

Self-education & Righteousness