Regulatory & Law

Dr. Imperato’s knowledge of the judicial systems and the immigration processes at Federal, State, Supreme, and Foreign tribunals. His humanitarian aid procedures are commendable.

He Advises and assists with Children, families, visas, disaster relief, mediators, 34 40 Acts, insurance law, Hoa rules and laws, contract law and Constitutional Law, and U.S. Tax Laws.

Dr. Imperato’s knowledge of US Laws, Cannon Laws, and The Codices of The Order of Bonaria and Vatican City State are Relevant to the Code of Ethics in business matters understanding the customs and other aspects of doing business around the globe.

He also has in-depth past experiences with the public markets and the mechanics of public companies dealing with settlements with the SEC.

Legally unproven accusations against him and has gotten 80 percent of charges vacated.

He has never been in a court of law with a trial by jury denied rights when claims were filed beyond and barred by the statute s of limitations.

The case ended up vacating most, and the court’s order did not impose any penalties.

He has been a victim of a significant loss, and costly experience brings him priceless first-hand experience.

As a responsible citizen and a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, Daniel Imperato has done many things to help aid and better our country and the world.

Being a strong African activist, Daniel has selflessly dedicated his time to the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), where he served as a trustee.

Dr. Imperato was involved with world bank funding, proposed to build online training schools in Africa, and understood the work with the World Bank and the International monetary fund if required.

Dr. Imperato is a leader in Judicial reform and fairness, preserving and protecting The Constitution of the United States of America and other global democracies’ rules and regulations.