Family Found Dead in Home, One Member Survived and is in Critical Condition

The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office believes that 46-year-old Theresa Cain is to blame for the fatal murder-suicide which left four dead on Feb. 27.

Just before police arrived at the family’s home in Ohio Township to serve eviction papers, five gunshots were heard. Deputies attempted to reach the occupants of the house yet were unsuccessful.

Therefore, the Sheriff’s Special Response Team was called to the scene and entered the home.

Inside, five dead bodies were discovered. Steven Cain (50), Theresa Cain (46), William Felton (74), and Ethan Cain (13) were all accounted for, while Theresa’s 20-year-old daughter, Samantha Cain, was still alive yet in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

According to Sheriff Steve Leahy, Steven was likely shot in the basement around 30 minutes before the other members of the family were killed. Leahy believes the gunshots were intended to keep the deputies from entering the home.

The Cain family had been experiencing financial difficulties leading up to their eviction, prompting the police to speculate that money was the motivation for Theresa’s actions.

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