Venomous Octopus Sends Woman to Hospital

On Thursday, a woman in her 30s was bitten multiple times by a blue-ringed octopus while swimming at Chinamans Beach in Mosman, Sydney, as reported by The Australian.

New South Wales Ambulance paramedics quickly responded to the scene and attended to the woman, who had been bitten in the stomach. According to the EMS company, the unidentified woman had been swimming when she picked up a shell containing the octopus, which fell out and bit her belly twice.

Inspector Christian Holmes of NSW Ambulance commented on the rarity of blue-ringed octopus bites. “They are extremely poisonous,” he added. The individual was feeling discomfort in the area of the bite, so paramedics treated her with pressure and a cold compress before taking her to Royal North Shore hospital for further treatment and observation.

The blue-ringed octopus is highly venomous. It can kill 26 humans with just the amount contained in a golf ball-sized octopus.

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