Terror-supporting MK compares settler arson to Kristallnacht

MK who was a close advisor and confidant to Yasser Arafat compares Jewish settlers to Nazis; doesn’t mention widespread Palestinian celebrations after deadly terror attack on Sunday.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

An MK who has repeatedly supported and justified Palestinian terror attacks against Jews compared the riots in Huwara, following a deadly terror attack, to Kristallnacht.

In a tweet on late Sunday evening, Ahmad Tibi of the Arab Joint List party posted a picture of cars burning in a junkyard with the caption “Kristallnacht in Huwara” written in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

ליל בדולח בחיווארה
Kristallnacht in Huwara
ليل البلور في حوارة pic.twitter.com/Bb9Np1jsv9

— Ahmad Tibi (@Ahmad_tibi) February 26, 2023

Kristallnacht, which occurred in Nazi Germany in 1938, is widely perceived as the catalyst for the Holocaust. On that night, mobs rampaged through Jewish neighborhoods in multiple cities across Germany and modern-day Austria, looting and destroying Jewish businesses and attacking Jews. At least 91 Jews were killed on Kristallnacht.

Unlike Kristallnacht, which saw innocent Jewish civilians attacked for no discernible reason, the rioting within Huwara occurred after two Jewish brothers were murdered in the town, and following a month in which an additional 11 people were killed by Palestinian terrorists.

Shortly after the deadly attack on Sunday, Palestinians handed out sweets and candies to celebrate the murders.

Tibi’s condemnation of settler violence in response to the murder of two brothers, who were shot in an unprovoked attack at point-blank range, is notable when considering his long history of remarks praising terrorists who murder Jewish civilians.

He was a close advisor and confidant to PLO Chair Yasser Arafat, who was directly involved in the planning and executing of terror attacks.

Lawmakers from right-wing parties and Zionist NGOs have tried multiple times to have Tibi disqualified from serving in the Knesset due to his support for terror, but to no avail.

“May God have mercy on the martyrs,” Tibi wrote on Twitter in February 2022, after three terrorists who fired at IDF soldiers were killed by security forces.

In May 2022, Tibi leveraged his parliamentary immunity to help an Arab suspect escape arrest in eastern Jerusalem, in an incident which saw him physically tussle with police officers.

“Any other citizen, if he had not been a Knesset member, would have been arrested this afternoon and handcuffed for questioning after doing what MK Tibi did,” a source at the scene told Channel 12 News.

In January 2022, Tibi visited a convicted hunger-striking Islamic Jihad terrorist in the hospital. Tibi, who is a physician, wrote on his Facebook page that he had come “out of great concern” for the terrorist’s health, adding that he was “in talks” to see him released.

“We want him to be alive and free, at home with his family and children,” he wrote.

During a January 2012 speech, Tibi said that “there is nothing more praiseworthy than those who die for the homeland,” while referring to suicide bombers, whom he called “martyrs.”

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