“Suspicious Meat” Found in Luggage at Airport Leads to Arrest

Portuguese authorities apprehended a man possessing “suspicious meat” that was thought to be the remains of a man he allegedly killed, as reported by Fox News.

The Portuguese Borders and Immigration Service declared to the Daily Mail that the suspect, Begoleã Mendes Fernandes, 26, a Brazilian resident of the Netherlands, was wearing clothes stained with blood and carrying a package of meat parts when he flew from Amsterdam to Lisbon on February 28.

Fernandes was initially detained because of questions regarding his paperwork. Upon contacting the authorities in the Netherlands, they found that he was wanted in connection with the homicide of 21-year-old Alan Lopes in Amsterdam on February 26.

The police then sent Fernandes to the Hospital in Lisbon to assess an injury on his hand. The spokesman of the Portuguese Borders and Immigration Service additionally stated that Fernandes was arrested for suspicion of possessing fake documents before knowing of the homicide allegation.

A team of forensic experts has conducted a comprehensive examination of the contents in luggage of Fernandes at a specialized laboratory. According to Portuguese media sources, the analysis has shown that the luggage contents are confirmed as human remains, though not those of Lopes, who is believed to have been killed by Fernandes in Amsterdam on Sunday.

As reported by Fox News, the Portuguese newspaper JN suggested the presence of “cannibalistic activities .”

The victim, Alan Lopes, is believed to have suffered a violent death, as reported by Fox News.

The Politie Eenheid Amsterdam located the body of Lopez in a house that he shared with his mother and sisters, who were not there on the night of the murder.

According to the Daily Mail, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Portuguese authorities apprehended the 25-year-old male at Lisbon Airport on Monday afternoon.

A spokesman for the Dutch police stated that the man was suspected of being linked to the death of Alan Lopes. Furthermore, Fox News reported that Lopes might have offered Fernandes a place to stay since Fernandes was reportedly homeless before meeting Lopes.

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