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My Appeal to Every Citizen of Independent America!

I Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato KM.GC.S.S.P.GM+OB am running the US Presidential race in the forthcoming 2024 elections as an Independent Constitutionalist candidate. God willing, I am determined to raise a powerful voice again this time that will not go unnoticed. I am resolute to fight back with all the resources at hand for what is best for us as citizens of Independent America. And for what is best for the rest of the world as well!

Become a Party to My Political Campaign

I am on the verge of launching my Presidential Campaign for 2024, I intend to conduct rallies, live streaming, gathering all registered voters, and raising a powerful voice for you, the people of the greatest nation on planet earth. I will also use my non-profit organization ‘Imperato Foundation’ to spread the word of the Gospel and the Constitution, and supporting my upcoming copyrighted TV series ‘America’s Next President.’

Come, Join the Fight to Free America of the Political Mafia!

“It is a fact that a house built on two pillars is fragile and cannot withstand the vagaries of human nature. Are we, as US citizens not fed-up with the Republicans & Democrats and all that they have leashed on us. It is time we look for a third feasible alternative to stand for us.”

Time is Running Out

“It could be disastrous if good and uncorrupted men in our great country do nothing now. It is high time to stand for the rights enshrined in our constitution by the forefathers to defeat the evil designs of the corrupt political mafia. After all, it is us who are paying the price as common citizens.”

Daniel JP Imperato

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