No more genetic tests for embryo-swap baby, court rules

The list of potential biological mothers had been narrowed down to 10 women.


The Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Monday against further genetic tests for a group of women who underwent in-vitro fertilization at Assuta Hospital and are trying to establish whether they are the biological parents of Baby Sofia.

The story of Baby Sofia — who was born in October — rocked Israel when a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy underwent an in-vitro procedure to correct a heart defect in the fetus in September. After the procedure, doctors discovered that neither the pregnant woman nor her husband had any genetic connection to the unborn baby she was carrying.

The clinic has been unable to identify who the real biological parents are, nor has it been made clear how the mix-up occurred.

The decision overturns a ruling by the Lod District Court in January which allowed the women to be tested.

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