Judicial reform leaders reject proposed ‘compromise’

“As is clear to anyone who reads it, this ‘plan’ totally destroys judicial reform,” wrote Justice Minister Yariv Levin and MK Simcha Rothman.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Less than a day after President Isaac Herzog said that a compromise between the ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition regarding judicial reform was “closer than ever,” the architects of the reform vehemently rejected a proposed agreement on the matter.

Hebrew-language outlets Yediot Ahronot and Israel Hayom published what they reported was an initial draft of the proposed compromise brokered by Herzog, which excluded the Override Clause and other fundamental aspects of the reform.

However, a spokesman from Herzog’s office said on Tuesday that the compromise published by the outlets was one of several versions of the compromises drafted by legal experts which the president is currently reviewing.

“The president has not yet finalized his plan, and after he does put it together, he will present it to the citizens of Israel,” read a statement from Herzog’s office.

“We are happy to hear the president clarify that the alleged ‘plan of the president’ is not from him and was not published with his knowledge,” wrote Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Constitution, Law and Justice Committee chairman Simcha Rothman in a statement on Tuesday morning.

“As is clear to anyone who reads it, this ‘plan’ totally destroys judicial reform. The president said in his speech that he will make every effort to bring the two sides together to an agreement,” they wrote.

“We praised him for this and we still praise the president’s efforts, and we have dedicated many hours and days for dialogue with anyone who has shown a willingness to engage in serious discussion.

“There is a broad consensus in the public, in academia, in hi-tech, in the economy, and among Knesset Members regarding the need for sweeping reform, and on the basic principles of this [reform].

“After many days of talks, we can say that there are broad agreements that are within reach, including those that would not destroy the reform’s basic goals and that would enjoy broad support. We will continue to move ahead with the legislation as planned, and we will also continue efforts to reach a broad agreement, as we have done in recent months.”

According to Hebrew-language media reports, Netanyahu had intended to announce that he was accepting a 10-day pause in the judicial reform legislation proposed by Herzog, which would see the coalition and opposition negotiate during that time period.

However, Levin reportedly threatened to quit the coalition should Netanyahu agree to those terms, and the premier was said to have relented.

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