Hidden Cameras Found Watching Neighborhood School Bus Stop and Residents Home

Residents of Redmond, Washington, were horrified and alarmed when two covert trail cameras– positioned at a children’s bus stop and a resident’s driveway– were discovered in their neighborhood.

David Springgay, a local resident, told reporters his 11-year-old son was the one who spotted the first camera, which was camouflaged between the leaves and branches of nearby bushes.

The camera was affixed using hot glue, and when Springgay questioned his neighbors, no one claimed it as their own.

He downloaded the footage on the device, and the images included his daughter and other kids. It also included the figure of the individual thought to have placed the camera. However, due to the poor visibility of the footage, taken at nighttime, the individual’s features and characteristics could not be identified.

The second camera was found by another neighborhood resident later that same week, just a few yards away from the first one, directed towards a resident’s driveway and capturing the cars driving in and out of the vicinity. Springgay submitted one of the cameras to the King County Sheriff’s Office, but it is being treated as a found item until any associated crime is detected.

The discovery of the two concealed cameras has left the locals at Union Hill preoccupied and alarmed, unsure of who set them up and why. It is essential to be aware of the potential risks associated with strangers and to remind children to be mindful of their surroundings. If any suspicious activity is witnessed, it is imperative to report it to the authorities.

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