Here We Go – It’s the Final Countdown!

Dear Friend,

The people of the United States must understand their Constitutional Rights and the due process of law. The constitutional rights rooted in the Bible are solid and very straightforward.

Trump says, “The handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was the greatest embarrassment in the history of our Country, and I am demanding Biden resign in disgrace immediately.”

I say nothing, but I understand they have started fighting each other for power and not for us as a country.

In this country, we have a responsibility to fulfil. America is now that dreaded republic. It is now high time for an independent party to take the front seat and guide the United States towards the Constitution and the Bible. The abuse and destruction of our Constitutional rights and Bible foundations are heinous.

I am a Papal Knight, a man of God anointed by the Holy See, fighting for people’s rights with righteousness, along with the global favour bestowed upon me.

As an independent candidate for the 2024 Presidential election, I will defend the people, protect the constitution, restore the Biblical foundation of our founding fathers, and bring the Bible & Constitution back to school.

But I Need Your Support!

We are to give away Bibles and copies of the Constitution to all American’s and lobby to restore them, teaching children that the ‘Founding Fathers Constitution’ is meant to protect our rights.

To make the past and present administration’s wrongs right, you need an independent candidate who doesn’t follow the status quo.

Vote for the Bible
Vote for the Constitution

Show Your Support (IMP 2024)


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