Decapitated Head of Model Found in Cooking Pot

On Tuesday night, tragedy struck in the rural village of Tai Po in the Hong Kong area, as 28-year-old model Abby Choi went missing. Her body parts were soon discovered inside a refrigerator by police.

Authorities apprehended her former in-laws along with her ex-husband and charged them with her murder, as her skull was later found on Sunday inside one of the cooking pots at the scene of the crime. Accompanying it were several ribs, hair, human tissue, a meat slicer, an electric saw, and a small number of human bones in another pot.

Hong Kong police Superintendent Alan Chung reported that the exact time of death remains unclear but that financial disputes involving tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars could be the motive behind the horrific act.

The officer stated that Choi’s ex-husband, his family, and “some people” were ever more disgruntled by Choi’s management of her financial assets, which further incited their rage and caused them to act maliciously.

Ms. Choi, known for her glamorous lifestyle with over 100,000 followers on the internet, posted photographs of herself in a fashion shoot with “L’Officiel Monaco” only a week prior. Her unexpected passing has left her beloved family and friends mourning and a whole community in shock.

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