Daniel Imperato, 2008 Presidential Candidate, Praises USA Today about Afghan Poppy and Explains Oil Theft and Iraq Paid By US Taxpayers

Today, Daniel Imperato, 2008 presidential candidate, praised USA Today about its story on Afghan poppy and explained that oil theft and Iraq are being paid for by US taxpayers
October 25, 2006 – London, UK – Daniel Imperato praised USA Today, while on business in London, for exposing the Afghan opium crisis.

“Today, I praise USA Today for speaking out about the worsening Afghan opium crisis. Mark my words, without eliminating the Afghan poppy crop, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda will never be eliminated. Many times in the past I have called on our President George W. Bush and our administration to wipe out the poppy fields and to break the bank of Osama Bin Laden.”

One of the worst parts of the whole situation according to Imperato, is that all of these activities are being funded by the American taxpayer without much oversight or success.
“I am so taken aback that the United States and her citizens have allowed our tax dollars to be squandered on an administration which sends our troops to Afghanistan to be killed on the front line and to be further depleted by infrastructure development and planning for democracy in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars are being made in the poppy fields by al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the terrorists while the US taxpayer foots the bill.”
Imperato also felt that a public debate was needed for the American citizens to truly see what the administration has been doing.

“I call on the people to support me in my efforts to eliminate the poppy and to debate with our president George W. Bush on the poor execution and planning of the Afghan intervention. We the American people elected President George W. Bush; while I respect him as president I cannot respect the fact that neither he nor his Vice President Dick Cheney or Secretary Condoleezza Rice has any clue what they are doing in Afghanistan.”

“We all know that Condi snubbed George Tenet pertaining to the warning of Al-Qaeda attacking in the US. We all know that Bush, Cheney, and Rice have no military experience or any experience pertaining to military intervention and reorganization of government. The American people elected a president to defend America and to focus on the American issues not to try and rule the world, overtake governments inappropriately, and spend American taxpayer’s money through poor execution and lack of diplomacy.”
The difference between Imperato and current politicians, who have allowed the American position to degrade so much, is a genuine care of the people, which is why he is calling for support.

“In addition, I call on the people of the USA, the taxpayers, to realize that the only difference between me and these politicians is that I’m concerned about Social Security because I’m just like the people of the United States. Our social security system is breaking down and I have a solution but no one in Washington is listening. Please support me by voting for me in the 2008 election.”
In addition, Imperato also felt that Bush is now trying to shift the responsibility of Iraq on the US military leadership.

“Furthermore, the Iraq situation is a complete disaster. Our president, George W. Bush, has now decided to place blame on the military leadership. Now that all of the mistakes have been made, he is saying everything was in their hands and he is just following their recommendations. This admission unfortunately for the people comes a day late and four hundred billion dollars short. Both the Republicans and the Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for not only accepting taxpayer’s dollars for their campaigns but for supporting the Iraqi invasion with no merit or planning. Not to mention, the incompatible relationships between the CIA, the military, and Washington which all completely broke down and has become what I feel to be the biggest disaster in US history ever. While billions of dollars of oil are being stolen out of Iraq, the USA and its taxpayers are losing their children and paying the bill.”

Imperato, an American taxpayer, also contended that the American taxpayer will be the big loser when all is said and done.
“Mark my words; this is the time where the USA taxpayer is not only suffering from the loss of their family but the loss in their wallet. While America is paying for infrastructure planning, government planning, military intervention, and everything else in Iraq, we have no repayment plan for the $400 billion from Iraq which I demand from Iraq. We are allowing billions of dollars in oil to be siphoned and stolen out the backdoor to terrorist regimes and to enemies of our soldiers equal to the same scenario in Afghanistan with the poppy.”

To protect the American taxpayer’s investment, Imperato suggested that America destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan, to stop the flow of money to the terrorists, and to start an oil repayment plan to help repay some of the US costs of war.
Imperato then concluded his statement with the following remarks, “To avoid being too long winded I also state I have a military plan for Iraq that will help our country, our taxpayers, and our citizens, and the citizens of the world. I call on the people of the USA and the rest of the world to call on President George W. Bush, to sit with me face to face in a public debate on the Domestic, Middle Eastern, and World policies and the solutions. I look forward to your support and your vote in the 2008 race so that I can serve the people and revive America.”

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Daniel was born in Boston, Mass (1958), and began his business career in 1977 transforming the manufacturing facilities in Israel through adapting them to the global marketplace along with bringing financing to the factories for global expansion. Daniel brings over thirty years of experience in global business planning and development and has personal relationships at high levels around the world. He is currently a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, was a board member for the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO, and the founder of Imperiali Organization (www.imperiali.org). Presently, he has organized a Presidential Committee in order to organize support for a run at the White House in 2008.

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