Blinken: China brokering of Iran-Saudi accord ‘good thing’

The move could help “destabilize actions by Iran,” the secretary of state said. 

By World Israel News Staff

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken seemed to praise China for brokering a deal restoring relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, saying it could benefit the region.

“From our perspective, anything that can help reduce tensions, avoid conflict and deter in any way dangerous and destabilizing actions by Iran is a good thing,” Blinken told reporters on a visit to Ethiopia.

“I think it’s valuable that countries, where they can, take action, take responsibility for advancing security, for advancing peaceful relations,” he said.

A day before signing the deal with Iran, Saudi Arabia laid out its demands from the U.S. in return for establishing diplomatic ties with Israel, which would include support for a civilian nuclear program, less restrictions on arms sales, and security guarantees.

A Wall Street Journal editorial blamed Biden and the Democrats for pushing the Saudis away, forcing them to “hedge” their bets with China.

“The symbolic import is hard to miss as Democrats in Washington do everything they can to harass and annoy the Saudis,” the editorial said.

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