3 Police Officers Shot Triggering Hours Long Standoff

On Wednesday morning, two individuals emerged from a residential home in Kansas City after a lengthy standoff.

The previous evening, three officers of the Kansas City Police Department were shot and wounded while conducting a search warrant at the residence.

According to Police Chief Stacey Graves, when the officers opened the door to the home, they were met with gunfire.

All three injured officers were male, and the injuries were serious but non-lethal.

Fox 4 Kansas City reported the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. on East 23rd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard. Consequently, a standoff with the suspect ensued, with multiple law enforcement agencies present.

Graves stated officers had returned fire, yet it is still unknown if anyone else was injured. At the time of this report, there is still no suspect in custody.

The Kansas City police gave recognition to the officers who put themselves in dangerous situations to protect the city. They showed bravery and selflessness and the police department is grateful for their service.

Mayor Quinton Lucas expressed his sorrow for the three police officers who were injured in Kansas City and expressed his hope that they will make a full recovery. He also wished for the safety of the other officers on duty.

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